Colin Firth SMA?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 6, 2009 08:02:39 November 6, 2009 08:02:39

Many of you wrote yesterday pointing out, quite rightly, that he at least deserved to be included in the analysis. I apologise for the oversight.

This is Colin Firth last night at 2 events in LA – first a screening of A Single Man and then at the BAFTA/Brittania Awards wearing a tux and, sigh, my favourite smile. You remember this smile? It’s the smile from the kitchen in the first Bridget. When her friends arrive and she asks if he’s staying for dinner and he shrugs a little and of course he’s staying for dinner…

I’m giggling over the memory of it. Even just the memory brings the giggles. Perhaps this weekend. After Love Actually.

He’s a handsome beast, non?

Handsome enough to be the Sexiest Man Alive? To me, yes. For sure. But I don’t make these decisions.

Arguments for:

  • Please. He’s perfect. And the accent doesn’t hurt
  • No scandal, devoted husband, and the nicest, sweetest person after Hugh Jackman, like, ever
  • Have you ever watched a Colin Firth interview? He’s f-cking hilarious. And he’s SO talented
  • Firth’s performance in A Single Man has put him in top spot currently for Best Oscar contention. Harvey Weinstein is distributing A Single Man. Harvey knows about a campaign

Arguments against:

  • Critical acclaim is one thing. Appeasing the fly-over watchers is another. You and I love him, yes. But he doesn’t have the reach as the others. He is not (yet) an instantly recognisable name that comes with carrying a huge blockbuster feature. Colin makes period pieces. For some reason, this frightens people
  • Colin has a great accent but so does Robert Pattinson. And Robert Pattinson’s profile is so much higher
  • People Magazine doesn’t have to be nice to Colin or to Harvey. Their support foundations come from different places. People DOES however have to be nice to Twilight
  • It is a long season ahead. And Colin is peaking early and hard. Oversaturation would be a disaster

Odds: 15 to 1

Photos from AXELLE/ and and Ratianda/London Ent/

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