Most Attentive – Connie Britton

Duana Posted by Duana at January 14, 2013 16:40:33 January 14, 2013 16:40:33

I think it is fair to say the director made some weird choices last night. Not just failing to shoot Ben Affleck when Jennifer Lopez talked or not giving me a picture-in-picture of Taylor Swift the whole time Adele was talking. I mean, did you see how many shots there were of Jack Black? 

But I can’t get too mad at the director because of all the shots we saw of Connie Britton. Someone clearly has a thing for her because she was very, very well represented.  

And every time they were on her, she was listening and paying attention. This is the difference. Not chewing, not texting. She had her eyes up on the person onscreen.

It’s kind of neat, is all I’m saying. I don’t love the show (certain articles suggest she doesn’t either – more on that later) and she knew she wouldn’t win. But she still paid attention to everyone else, because that’s how you do. Take note, EVERYONE.

Jason Merritt/ Alexandra Wyman/ Getty

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