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October 9, 2012 20:15:11 Posted at October 9, 2012 20:15:11
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Well let’s try this again…

I have a friend who recently powered through all five seasons of Friday Night Lights. She couldn’t sleep, she couldn’t focus, she could think of nothing else. Now she knows. I receive at least half a dozen emails from people every week who are powering through all five seasons of Friday Night Lights. Now they know.

If you have never powered through all five seasons of Friday Night Lights but you intend on watching the premiere of Nashville tomorrow on ABC at 10pm (CTV in Canada), you will know too:

Connie Britton is … every superlative times the most.

YES we are watching Nashville.

YES we are recapping Nashville. (And by “we” I mean Duana.)

YES we still would even if it wasn’t getting some very strong reviews. (Click here and here and here and here to read a few examples.)

YES even if it means suffering through Hayden Panettiere.

Because Connie will make it worth it. She is universally beloved, acknowledged as the best by almost every critic, and Nashville is Connie Britton’s show. Television: where (more) actresses over 40 are thriving!

Here’s Connie promoting Nashville all over New York this week. Tomorrow 10pm!

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