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Do you know that by the end of this year, Daniel Craig will have released four films? There’s the bust that was Cowboys & Aliens, Dream House which opens next week, Tintin, and then of course The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. That matches Michael Fassbender. I just wanted to say his name. Michael Fassbender.

Anyway, here’s Daniel looking appropriately crusty yesterday in New York. Did you read the interview with him and Harrison Ford in EW a couple of months ago? It was like the two were trying out-grumpy each other. The journalist tried asking about his wedding. Daniel practically growled at him in response. It didn’t endear him to me. Not when you’re promoting a movie called Cowboys & Aliens, come on.

Yes, Daniel Craig famously hates being famous. And really doesn’t do well with press. Well... if you sign on to movies like Cowboys, Tintin, and Girl Dragon Tattoo, it’s kinda part of the job. A big part of the job. And he’ll be doing that job a lot in the coming months as both films, with big budgets, have big marketing campaigns planned.

I’m a big fan, as you know. I think he’s one of the few man actors around. I find him compelling on screen. All I’m saying is - dude, chill out.

And what has he said so far about TGWTDT? Well, he said he knew right away that it would be Rooney Mara, telling MTV that:

"I think I knew pretty early on. I screen-tested with her a couple times and I saw exactly what David [Fincher] was after with her. If you read the books, she's just spot-on. Rooney herself is actually really rounded and normal — she's not boring, honestly — but she had to bring this very broken human being to life and she did it brilliantly."

After seeing the trailer yesterday, I’m getting more and more into it.

I’ve attached it below in case you missed it.

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