Blue & Becks Bring Spice Together

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 4, 2007 00:00:00 May 4, 2007 00:00:00

Four out of five were together at Bluebell’s christening a couple of weeks ago, another four out of five were rejoined at David Beckham’s birthday dinner earlier this week, and just two nights later, Baby, Scary, and Ginger were out again giggling conspiratorially. UK gossips are already reporting that the deal for a reunion has been sealed and given their resurrected Girl Power, this time it would seem to be true…especially since Mel B and Geri seem close again.

Remember, way back, when the split first broke, it was said that most of the conflict was happening between Scary and Ginger. But now that motherhood and heartbreak – to say nothing of obscurity – have softened them both, it looks as though the Spices have buried all hatchets and are realising that they are better – and more newsworthy – together than they are apart.

Check it out – Mel B still looking like a tranny and Geri absolutely glowing, rockin’ the hottest sequined one-shoulder like ever. Posh could learn a lesson, non?


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