Just cuz he’s good doesn’t mean it’s a good idea

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David Fincher is a good director. And if there had never been an attempt at making The Millennium Trilogy into a movie series he’d be the best candidate, sure, to take on the task. BUT THERE ALREADY IS A FILM VERSION OF THE MILLENNIUM TRILOGY. It is hugely successful in Europe. It has earned the overwhelming approval of Stieg Larsson’s fans. Noomi Rapace is a kick ass, bad ass, uncompromising Lisbeth Salander. And it was Swedish.


Is that the f-cking problem?

Well yes. Obviously.

The first installment of the trilogy The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo was just released in North America this month. But it’s subtitled. And people are dumb. And Hollywood is a motherf-cking money grab. And there’s an arrogance about the whole affair like – oh, we can do it better, our script is being written, our script will resonate more with audiences.

F-ck you.

So apparently David Fincher has been confirmed to direct it. According to The Playlist, he’s waiting on a script and he’s pushing for an “unknown” to play Lisbeth. And that’s great. It’s very smart. He’s very smart. And he’s very skilled. But it doesn’t mean it’s necessary. It’s actually rather presumptuous, frankly. What if some Swedish arthouse person decided he or she wanted to remake Se7en. Or, oh I don’t know, The Godfather trilogy. They would lose their goddamn sh-t, that’s what.

If Brad Pitt plays Mikael Blomkvist...

See? Now I’m angry. I don’t want to be angry on Jacek’s birthday.

Here’s Fincher with Pitt last year.

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