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Julia & Dave

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 10, 2009 07:49:01 June 10, 2009 07:49:01

I made a point of PVRing Letterman last night because I knew Julia Roberts would be his guest. There’s always magic when she’s his guest. Wonderful chemistry. She’s free and easy and charming and chatty… I love her on Letterman. Last time she visited she told this story about a male movie star she worked with (Hugh Grant?) who was the worst, most cantankerous, dickhead ungrateful prick ever, imitating the way he cussed out the crew one day on set. Full Story

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Shelfy’s legs on Letterman

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 4, 2009 07:27:18 June 4, 2009 07:27:18

Shelfy has turned up the hustle this week. She’ll be on Ellen, she’ll be on Fallon, and last night she was on Letterman. Showed up in a short skirt and showed off a pair of lovely legs. Up top though… Maybe not the most flattering blouse? Looks shapeless through the middle. But whatever. Full Story

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LipGloss, Letterman, and inside feet

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 14, 2009 07:25:12 April 14, 2009 07:25:12

“I’m not programmed by Disney”. It’s what he says at one point during his interview with GQ – Zac Efron is the pretty boy on the new cover – an entire interview spent convincing us that he’s more than prepackaged goodness, that he’s more than just a machine, that he is not a robot produced by the mouse. Full Story

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Celebrity Dumbass: Joaquin Phoenix

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 12, 2009 06:58:58 February 12, 2009 06:58:58

See? Three for three. Maybe it should be a daily feature. It’s must see TV. The video is below – Joaquin Phoenix behaving like a petulant child forced to go Aunt Mabel’s house last night with Letterman. No doubt he’s a douche. But the question this morning, on top of his recent shenanigans – the rapping, the retirement – was this just another chapter in his unfunny, ongoing F-ck You vanity project? Casey Affleck travelled with Joaquin to New York, attended the Letterman taping with him, and was seen with his camera, presumably documenting the entire awkward, embarrassing experience. Full Story

Monday, October 1, 2007

Dear Gossips,

As you can see, there’s been movement on the Freebie Five: David Letterman is the honourary #1 for the week as Daniel Craig takes a breather.


Watch the clip here and see how Letterman absolutely skins Hollywood Ebola. The most brilliant television ever. And one of the few who actually has the balls to say and do what we all would with hilarious results. This is where the practically senile Larry King dropped the ball.

David clearly has zero tolerance for disease. And because he is who he is, he wore his disdain out on the open, toying with her twat head, sucking her back in by leading her to believe he thought she could be a role model, and then slapping her silly once again.

The man is a hero and now the sexiest beast ever. And she so totally has Bloat Face.

Monday – Britney’s video for Gimme More drops today. Will be blogging all day. Check back often, will keep you posted.

Yours in gossip,


PS. Am on The Hills Aftershow on MTV Canada and mtv.com tonight for the first time in person with the adorable Dan Levy. Will be a challenge not to jump into his lap. Will be a challenge not to feel small and insignificant next to the incomparable Jessi Cruickshank. Yes, she always does look that perfect, even in person. Love her. Hate her!

PPS. Two and two always make five. In Rainbows – new Radiohead album on October 10th!!! Best.News.Ever.