Photo shoots for Harper Seven

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 18, 2011 12:42:38 July 18, 2011 12:42:38

She’s just a week old but already Harper Seven, thanks to her parents, is being well trained in the art of photo famewhoring... “candidly”, of course. Photos of Harper being cradled by both her mother and her father have been posted on David Beckham’s Facebook. Do you think he makes money off his Facebook? Just wondering.

Check out the shot of Victoria holding the baby. With this caption:

I took this picture of my two girls sleeping.

You ready?

As IF she was sleeping!

As IF she sleeps with her eyelids lightly closed, and EYELINER and MASCARA on top of them!

As IF she would not have opened her eyes right after and asked to see the photo on his iPhone, demanded he make it black and white first, so that her skin would appear more evenly toned, before allowing him to post it... the 12th version!

As IF she’s actually resting, instead of spending every spare moment in her dressing room, every waking moment, trying on her pre-pregnancy clothes again.

And going back to the naming of Harper after Harper Lee for To Kill a Mockingbird – and thanks to Angelica M for reminding me of this:

Have you ever read Victoria’s autobiography “Learning to Fly”? A reader called Cathy sent it to me many years ago. It was written over 10 years ago. HILARIOUS when you know her for what she is now, and compare the voice to what she was then...

Anyway, in the chapter called “Girl Power”, Victoria talks about going to South Africa with the Spice Girls. And this passage:
“This time it was South Africa and a charity concert for the Prince’s Trust. If I’m being totally honest I knew hardly anything about Nelson Mandela and what he had achieved before I met him, which is awful I know. My excuse is that I come from a generation and a country who take freedom for granted.”

If she didn’t know Nelson Mandela BACK THEN...

As IF she would know Harper Lee NOW..............................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She actually used to smile for photographs when that book was written. She wasn’t so far up her own ass with the fashion thing.

As IF the Victoria Beckham of 2011 would actually ALLOW a photo of herself to be taken withOUT a f-goddamn makeup artist on standby to get rid of the f-cking shine!

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