December 16, 2014 – Smutty Shout-Outs

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 16, 2014 14:21:14 December 16, 2014 14:21:14

"To our magnificent, minibreak-loving, Maleficent-embodying (well, the makeup part anyway) Meg on her birthday. This year, we hope that having your beautiful home set up with your gorgeous husband in permanent residence will help you deal with the crushing loss of Parks and Rec. Of course, the impending transatlantic meetups with some of us will soften the blow too! At the very least, no one had better hit you with a car door this year (even though that IS totally something that would happen to Mindy Lahiri or Leslie Knope). Thank you for introducing us to the glory that is the Live Lounge. We hope you get more affection than Pawnee has for L'il Sebastian, more action than Diosa sees in a year, more laughter than a Chris Pratt blooper reel, and more love than Alicia Florrick has for red wine.

Here's Jax doing what he does best, Riggins looking a little scruffy, the Starks (RIP, Grey Wind), naked Jamie Dornan, the Parks and Rec crew (just pretend they're driving around the English countryside), and Alicia and Finn distracting us from the loss of Will.

Happy birthday Meg! Love from all your friends in gossip. Xoxo"

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