Vito dumped Demi

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Last week Demi Moore was That Girl couch-dancing at a party in Miami embarrassing Lenny Kravitz. Click here to revisit those fontrummy photos. It’s a boner killer, non?

And that’s exactly what happened.

Vito Schnabel has apparently ended it with her. And the 26 year old son of Julian, who is trying to be an art dealer, is making sure we know. Via Page Six, obviously. Page Six was the first to report on their romance. And now Page Six is confirming that it’s over. So it took two weeks for Vito to go from being all swagger and boasty about dating Demi to getting in our faces about the fact that he’s no longer into it.

God it’s so humiliating for her. And the worst part of it is that...she can control it if she wants to you, you know? If she could only SEE it, she could end it. And being alone again, well, that has to be better than this, right? According to Page Six’s “source”:

“Vito has worked very hard to be taken seriously in the art business, and doesn’t want to be seen as somebody who dates celebrities. He hated having photographers follow him around after word got out about him and Demi. And Vito wasn’t too happy that Demi flew down to party at Art Basel while he was working to build his business. It was a distraction he didn’t need while all the big collectors were in town.”

Did you read that with your hands over your eyes picturing her dancing wildly around him while he was trying to WORK, as in be focused at his job...? A 50 year old woman, once decidedly A List in her business, now trailing along like a groupie down to Miami as her younger boyfriend looked disdainfully over his shoulder, all like, f-ck, I need to shake this crazy bitch... ?

And if that wasn’t bad enough, it’s his version of the story that ends up in print, so now we all know. And since we’ve seen her loser pictures, we also know what it looks like. And those stories about her being estranged from her children, they’re starting to sound more and more plausible...

Here’s Demi, still in Miami yesterday, eager to hit every single party, and get down at every possible opportunity, continuing to fuel herself with coffee.

Wenn, INF, Frazer Harrison/Getty

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