Will Mrs Timberlake be there?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 7, 2014 16:11:59 January 7, 2014 16:11:59

It’s the People’s Choice Awards tomorrow. Justin Timberlake is expected to be there. Will Mrs Timberlake join him? There have been rumours that their relationship is not right based only on the fact that Mrs T did not join her husband at the American Music Awards and also wasn’t around for Saturday Night Live. When she didn’t show up for SNL, I wrote that it was time for some pregnancy speculation to begin. Click here for a refresher. Too predictable.

So they’re either breaking up or having a baby.

Let’s start with the breaking up part. They are not breaking up. They were in Montana together for the holidays. Some locals sighted them and posted it on Twitter. And his mother supposedly posted an angry message on Facebook about the fact that people should stop talking sh-t about their marriage. (Thanks @noturGrandmama!)

I don’t know how legit that is. I don’t use Facebook. But someone’s mad. And insisting that the Timberlakes are FINE.

Because they’re pregnant?

Well, it’s definitely a new career opportunity for her. And her career isn’t exactly the tops right now. But I’m not sure she wants to be a mother before she’s a proper MOVIE STAR. And in her mind, she might wonder whether or not Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, and Carey Mulligan are only going to keep rising past her if she puts it on hold.



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