Rudo y Cursi

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 28, 2009 09:17:52 April 28, 2009 09:17:52

From Tenoch and Julio to Rudo y Cursi, from Salma’s wedding in Venice to the screening of Rudo y Cursi in New York, here are Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal together again, 7 years after initially charming us in Y Tu Mama Tambien. They’ve been brought together again by Carlos Cuaron who wrote the Y Tu Mama Tambien screenplay and directed this film about two brothers and how their relationship changes when they start playing football professionally.

Needless to say, the chemistry that made them so great together as Tenoch and Julio is once again on display. Rudo y Cursi received solid reviews at Sundance and the two showed up for a panel discussion at the Apple Store SoHo yesterday afternoon to talk about their friendship has evolved, and what it was like to work together again after all these years, even though they’ve never stopped working together behind the camera. Their banter was apparently delightful. Click here to read more and two trailers are below. The one in the theatre kills me. Gael’s body language as he’s eyeballing the girl is the best. Still, for me, it is Diego. Always.

Rudo y Cursi will be released May 8 in NY and LA and will hopefully open wide shortly after.


Photos from Johns PkI/