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Nicole Kidman covers The EDIT to promote Big Little Lies. Duana and I discussed Big Little Lies on this week’s Show Your Work podcast. The premiere is on Sunday and as I have already mentioned, I am OBSESSED with it. Having read the book when it came out, maybe I’m a little biased. Maybe it’s because I couldn’t wait to see the school run politics, the PTA pettiness come to life. But goddamn HBO’s Big Little Lies is something to talk about. And at this point maybe you’ll send me a review, from The Hollywood Reporter or USA Today and you’ll be all like, Duana, Lainey, what are you talking about, this does not sound the same, and the critics lack the enthusiasm you have for the show. Well, interestingly enough, the reviews I’ve read that are not all that positive have been written by men. Men who claim that women don’t behave like this, that they are unfamiliar with the world that Big Little Lies have created. And my response to that is… bullsh-t. BULLSH-T.

I’m not a parent, but I KNOW these women. I’m not a mother but at times, I feel like I AM these mothers. They’re recognisable to me. Their conversations are familiar to me. Their feuds are f-cking relatable to me. And these actresses, all of them, are operating at their highest level. As previously noted, Reese Witherspoon is KILLER in this role, the role she was meant to play. Laura Dern is spectacular. And Nicole Kidman…

Nicole Kidman might be the one who divides us. Duana and I probably disagree on Nicole more than we disagree on any other character on this show. That said, I’m ahead of Duana as I’m now 6 episodes in and she’s only seen up to episode 4. Nicole gets more and more compelling. At this point, for me, looking back, it feels like it’s been a crescendo. But, yes, there is much to discuss about Nicole’s “Celeste” and what she brings to this person and, most importantly, why.

That said, I feel like she knows that Celeste may be divisive. And that that’s kinda what she’s playing at too. Nicole makes an interesting comment during this interview with The EDIT that’s about her style choices but you could also apply it to her role in Big Little Lies. She’s talking about her SAG dress. You remember it, don’t you?

Duana and I LOVED IT SO MUCH. But a lot of people hated it. A lot of people didn’t understand it. Here’s how Nicole saw it:

“I have no problem being divisive,” she smiles. Take the spectacular green sequined Gucci dress, adorned with a parrot on each shoulder, that she wore to the Screen Actors Guild Awards the night before our interview – even her two youngest daughters had a critique. “My eight-year-old [Sunday Rose] said, ‘You’re wearing that?’ My six-year-old [Faith Margaret] was like, ‘What’s on your shoulder?!’”

That’s exactly the right attitude to have about fashion. And, to me, it’s also exactly the right attitude to have about performing.

Of course the big headline coming out of this article is about how Nicole works with Zoe Kravitz on Big Little Lies and then confirms that she used to be engaged to Lenny Kravitz. They were together after she and Tom Cruise broke up. Here’s a shot of them from that time:

And there they are more recently, in 2013, with Keith Urban:

Can you imagine going from Tom Cruise to Lenny Kravitz? A new level of awakening, non?

Also attached - Nicole on the set of Untouchable yesterday in New York.

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