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The Princess at Downton

March 12, 2015 17:33:44 Posted at March 12, 2015 17:33:44
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Samir Hussein/ Chris Jackson/ Getty Images

Princess Catherine visited the set of Downton Abbey today and everyone’s making “duchess-duchess” quips. She’s a big deal, the show’s a big deal, Royal + Show Business is always a good sell. And apparently she told them she’s a big fan of the show so they took a group photo that looks hilariously like a royal family photo, except that it’s in the servants’ area of the house. Full Story

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Downton Banned from Dan Stevens Junket

January 16, 2014 19:05:54 Posted at January 16, 2014 19:05:54
Dean Posted by Dean
Johns PKI/ Splash, Theo Wargo/ Getty

So we all know Cousin Matthew died, but did you know he’s also on a diet? Dan Stevens has been making the rounds to promote his new movie, Summer in February, and his beautiful baby moon face that we all fell in love with is nowhere to be seen. And that’s not the only thing he left behind at Downton. Full Story

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Downton reboot

February 19, 2013 18:30:52 Posted at February 19, 2013 18:30:52
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Gareth Cattermole/ Fred Duval/ Getty

A few emails came in yesterday re: the Downton Abbey finale. Question: Is Downton Abbey more like... Gossip Girl or Days Of Our Lives and less like, say, Mad Men or Breaking Bad? Same quality, right? Only one has English accents and period piece clothing. Season 1 of Downton Abbey, as I’ve noted previously, was good. Full Story

Bendy’s arty night out

June 27, 2012 15:05:57 Posted at June 27, 2012 15:05:57
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Stuart Wilson,Dave M. Benett, Mike Marsland/Getty

The Serpentine Gallery Summer Party is happening tonight in London. Benedict Cumberbatch showed up because he’s arty and English. Sarah from Cinesnark was mad at me a couple of weeks ago after I posted pictures - click here Full Story

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Downton Abbey & Sherlock Cumberbatch

April 27, 2012 15:40:35 Posted at April 27, 2012 15:40:35
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Click away now if you can’t handle the spoilers. WARNING: MEGA SPOILERS AHEADGO!Have you gone? Just want to make sure.Here are new shots from the set of Downton Abbey series 3. My eyes are buggy but is that Lady Edith and ...Sir Anthony Strallan? God, I hope that doesn’t mean she’ll be happy. Because it’s always better when Edith is a bitter bitch. Full Story

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Wedding at Downton

March 7, 2012 18:23:50 Posted at March 7, 2012 18:23:50
Lainey Posted by Lainey

If you haven’t yet watched Series 2, you may want to skip this article...SPOILER ALERT. I’ll give you a minute to click away.........................................................................................................................Series 3 will feature a wedding. The Wedding. And also Shirley MacLaine as Cora’s mother. Full Story

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