Saturday: Duana’s happiest day

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 16, 2014 16:33:26 January 16, 2014 16:33:26

If I could have I would’ve planted a hidden camera at Duana’s this week just to watch her skipping around. She won’t admit it but I promise you, she’s been skipping in anticipation for Saturday – which will be her happiest day. All her texts to me the last few days have been heavy on exclamations too. Like a steadily increasing number of exclamations. You see, Duana is living for Flowers In The Attic. That part you already know.

What I haven’t mentioned too often is Duana’s love for Drake.

Duana can drop a Drake lyric no matter the occasion.

Duana will defend Drake right up to her final day.

Drake is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend and is also the musical guest. In his promos for the show, Drake went right for Duana’s heart, mentioning Toronto AND Degrassi in one of the sketches. (Note: Duana used to write for Degrassi.) For Duana this is like the Golden Globes and the Oscars airing back to back. 

Is it too much expectation? SNL lets us down all the time. Are we naïve to think that Drake, because he was so active in the writing when he hosted the Juno Awards, will push for better when he’s there?

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