Duana Names: Complete the Set? Or Something New?

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Hi Duana

Almost 2 years ago now I gave birth to twin daughters Amelia Grace and Marlowe Faith, I even wrote to you then asking for help and it was such a delight getting your feedback and input. We are having another girl in the new year and could use your input again, please help we are quite stuck even more so than when we had our twins.

Names that were in contention for our twins during the first pregnancy: Logan, Juliet, Alison, Hannah, we still like them but are not completely sold on any them.

New names we've been throwing around:
Liana (We like the Lee-ar-na pronunciation not Lee-anna), Ellaria,Misha ,Lyla

As you can see our tastes have changed a bit in the last couple of years and we do want the new name to fit in with her sisters. Are we on right track, do we need to start from scratch? it is quite harder the 3rd time around. we need your help Duana!

PS: her second name will be Hope (if that helps at all)

Thanking you


Well look at you guys! Congratulations on your second round, or second-and-a-half or whatever doesn’t sound like it’s reductive for your third daughter. This is very exciting, and I appreciate that you’re making the link between them with those virtue middle names. 

While I appreciate that your style has changed a little bit since you named Amelia and Marlowe, I think the best course of action is to choose a name that has some sort of genetic link to the other two, even if it’s different. Off the top of my head, Lyla and Misha work best here, as would names like Sasha or Iris or Annick – stylish, still with a hat tip to clean and modern, but not utterly drowned in a trend. Names I would avoid, on this same thread, are Logan or Hannah or even Eleanor; they feel too rooted in the trends of the ought-teens (good God, is that a phrase?) and may tend to give the indication that Amelia and Marlowe’s little sister is just a runner-up to their naming moments.

I’d also include a word of caution about Liana – I totally hear what you mean about the pronunciation of the names, but you can’t control this, and it may leave you frustrated, just as it may if people call Ellaria ‘Ellie’, or spell it ‘Ilaria’, or similar. You have to either be okay with all the versions of a name that might result or leave the name on the table.

But some options you might also like that will nod to her sisters while being her own name in her own time include Ainsley or Greta or Olia or Althea or Celia – and I think you could pull Juliet into the mix, if it winds up making you happy again, without feeling like you were moving backward.

We’re so invested in your family, keep us posted for sure!

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