Black out Ebola

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 27, 2009 11:38:29 August 27, 2009 11:38:29

Ebola Paris Hilton left Vancouver yesterday. We can open our windows again.

While it was here though there was a power outage in downtown Vancouver. That sh-t opened its legs and our city went dark. Not sure if we are quite cleansed from contamination either. I just came home from a quick visit to the studio which is across the street from where it was staying and now I’ve a headache.

Ebola is like radiation. Leaves poison that lingers a long time

Anyway, as you know, Ebola was here to shoot a guest spot on Supernatural.

Am told it was a pain in the ass. Cannot act for sh-t, obviously. And was completely uncoordinated during fight scenes, which is no surprise. Have you seen it try to dance?

Ebola is a chainsmoker, kept having to stop to smoke, and was pouty about not being allowed to smoke indoors. It’s on its phone all the time, is slow like f-ck, and the shoot went long by 3 hours because of it. Remains to be seen the long term devastation it’s left behind on the show.

Photos from PUNKD Images

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