Sporty Bass

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 4, 2009 15:44:03 May 4, 2009 15:44:03

Ed Westwick will attend the Costume Institute Gala with girlfriend Jessica Szohr tonight in New York dressed in Christian Dior.

This weekend however he was in LA, playing soccer at a celebrity match as Jessica cheered on the sidelines.

Oh...Chuck. Sporty Chuck is as disgusting as penguin-foot Chuck. In real life. looking sh-tty in an athletic capacity is a dealbreaker for me. Like, my husband has the worst style ever. And isn't the cool guy at the table. Never the one with the quick witty comeback. In fact, he’s actually known as “bad joke” dude. But on the ice, or playing tennis, swinging a golf club, touch football in the park, he is a total natural. His body was made for sport. Hot.

Sporty Bass...not hot.


The beer gut! Ew! The weird way his shorts hug his as! Ew! The short legs! Nasty!

Ugh. Don't even bother asking. I still would. Shamef-cks aren’t about real life.

Photos from Whittle/ and Johnstone/Buchan/

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