Edward Norton charms everyone

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 18, 2009 13:11:00 September 18, 2009 13:11:00

He was at TIFF for Leaves of Grass. And the word on him is that he can be difficult, surly, temperamental. But aside from Colin Firth, Edward Norton was the most well liked during the festival. Polite, considerate, he charmed everyone, he had time for fans, he was obliging, he never complained, he was patient, he was articulate, Michelle interviewed him at the junket and left with a crush – he has a sexy geek vibe about him that is incredibly attractive – and she was not alone. We are all squealing a little over Edward Norton.

Please note however that Edward Norton has a girlfriend. Very serious. She’s Canadian and they probably spent a lot of time here because several people mentioned to me that he knows the neighbourhoods, he knows the suburbs, is quite familiar with the city and surroundings.

They’re apparently adorable together. And observers say he seems really, really happy.

Happy Edward is popular.

PS. Still have more TIFF gossip to pass along including a post about the star who needs a new publicist. And no, it’s not Megan Fox. Am heading to back to back carpets though so will try to blog on the fly.

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