To them she’s an abomination

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The Italian Queen has made permanent enemy of the MiniVan Majority. And after Team Clooney worked so hard to sell her to them too. But it’s always about the Baby Issue. Didn’t you know it’s always about the Baby Issue? This is why Jennifer Aniston keeps pretending she wants them. Because the minute she were to reveal that she doesn’t, they’d turn on her like they’re judging the Italian Queen. You are DEAD to them if you don’t want to be a mother.

This is what appeared today on – an item about Elisabetta Canalis and whether or not she and George Clooney will be having children:

"[Getting pregnant has] never been an objective for me. My maternal desires are fully satisfied with my dogs."

Oh no she didn’t.

What do you think happened?

Of course it happened.

They went on the attack. Have you read the comments? Click here on the article and go read some of the comments. I’ve picked a few below. It’s awesome.

More stupid impossible, only one person so frivolous and empty can make such comments. The love of a child is incomparable. Dogs can be part of a family, but never take the place of a child.

HAHAHAHA, unless she's a momma dog, she's not going to ever come close to knowing what it feels like to have your "maternal desires fulfilled." I love it when people say things like, "my dogs are my kids," I get a good reason to laugh. What a self centered couple.

Poor woman, when she's old and alone she'll regret this decision.

These people have purchasing power. These people, in America, you can’t cross them. Especially on the baby issue, not even if you’re as handsome as George Clooney. Now he’ll never be able to convince them to accept her. Which is why we find George and his fanbase at an impasse. Because as much as they’ll hate on her for denying her birthright, going against nature, refusing to grow the child that Life intended her to grow, there’s really never been anyone more talented at being his girlfriend. In private and in public.

When asked about whether or not she enjoys always being the less famous plus 1, Canalis replied:

"I love it to bits. I am happy to participate at events as the 'girlfriend of.'"

Those are exactly the words he wants to hear.

This is Elisabetta today at the San Remo Song Festival in Italy. I think she’s hosting the event. Or something. All I can see from the photos are several costume changes and a weird bit she did with her shoes off in leather pants. Italian entertainment is the most f-cking crazy ass amazingness ever.

Thanks Cailin!

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