Emma Watson at 25

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Emma Watson just turned 25 last week. She was in New York last night at the TIME 100 event celebrating the list of most influential people, an acknowledgment of her work with the United Nations, crusading for gender equality. I mean it was almost too much to hope for, you know? That she would play Hermione and then grow up and not only not disappoint but also be so… Hermione.

A few weeks ago, if you recall, some dumbass Australian magazine decided to sh-t out a story about how Emma and Prince Harry were dating. People freaked. And I get it. That’s a Gossip Dream. But it was based on, literally, nothing. And it was promptly shut down. Still…

On suitability – and actors definitely do not ordinarily fit the standard of royal suitability – there’s probably no actor more suitable. She’s English. She’s a university graduate. She’s an activist. She’s independently wealthy. There are few aristocrats who are more qualified than she is.

The problem? Emma Watson has a voice. I don’t know that she wants to use her voice while speaking from an upper level window in a castle while wearing a crown.

Anyway, Emma wore pants last night to celebrate her TIME honour. I’d like to assume that that was not an accidental decision. It’s a great look, with the sash on the side, but I wish they weren’t office grey, you know? Also not loving the hair.

At the party, Emma was photographed hanging out with Bradley Cooper who, as you know, also made the TIME 100 list. The Daily Mail is already trying to stir sh-t by calling them an “attractive pair”. Emma’s two years older than Cooper’s on-off girlfriend Suki Waterhouse so I guess it’s not impossible. I just want to highlight here that Bradley Cooper, for two plus years, has been dating a girl who is two years younger than Emma Watson. This is never, ever, ever going to be something I ask for from the Gossip Genie.

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