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Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 8, 2010 14:24:05 January 8, 2010 14:24:05

Or cheat.

Have mentioned this before but Troy Dyer was the boy for my early 20s. When that kind of idealistic bullsh-t seemed romantic. I will say however that I never liked his corny erotica. At any age. Which, along with maturity, I guess, and of course the fact that he cheated on his wife Uma, contributed to the de-quiveration of Ethan Hawke. Then I interviewed him at TIFF one year. Total skeeze. I remember that night he partied with Jude Law. They roped themselves into a booth with girls slathering to get across. It was so Entourage. And Jude’s receding hairline made it even funnier.

Anyway, I caught Ethan on Conan the other day right after a friend of mine had screened Daybreakers. She said it was cheese good. It’s a January movie, right? And apparently his sexy is coming back. This was somewhat evident on Conan too. But he’s still a smug bitch. Like Emile Hirsch in a way, only better looking, especially those ragged teeth which, to be honest, I’ve always liked, and it works for a vampire. Am I high on Dayquil?

Here’s Ethan with Willem Dafoe last night at the Daybreakers premiere. Something to consider if you can’t get into Avatar. Speaking of Dafoe – did you see Antichrist? I still can’t say the word without a gag reflex.

Daybreakers trailer:

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