Waiting for Troy Dyer

September 5, 2014 20:24:14 Posted at September 5, 2014 20:24:14
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Christine Pettinger/ Getty

Troy Dyer was mentioned during one of our segments on The Social. And some people were like …who?

Christ Jesus.

Was Reality Bites not a seminal movie for everyone?????

Clearly not.

But Troy Dyer is having an excellent year. He was nominated for an Oscar. Boyhood is one of the most well-reviewed films of 2014. Now he’s working the festival circuit for Good Kill, reuniting with Andrew Niccol who directed him in Gattaca. Good Kill is receiving decent reviews so far.

Next week, he’s coming to TIFF. Tonight he was in Venice looking almost…triumphant? I don’t think I mind Troy Dyer with some swagger. Just no eyeliner.

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