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Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 12, 2013 15:15:03 August 12, 2013 15:15:03

Big changes are taking place for me this summer. And a lot of firsts: new show, new home, new time zone! AND come September, a new gossip season, just like a new school year. 

What firsts do you have on the way? A new job? New school? A new relationship? 

Bioré® knows all about facing those firsts with confidence and while looking your best, so the makers of Bioré® wanted me to tell you about their all-in line of facial cleansing products. Each has a specific purpose with a specific role to play in a daily cleansing routine with the goal of keeping skin looking healthy, fresh, and ready for whatever firsts you may face.

The first step in proper care is making sure to remove all of that junk that builds up over the course of the day. Some of it just happens as we sweat, and in the environment, but much is self-induced in the form of make-up. Make-up can clog pores and result in zits, so the first step in getting and keeping a great complexion is effective make-up removal.   

Bioré® Make-Up Removing Towelettes provide a thorough and effective clean, instantly dissolving make-up, dirt and oil—even without having to go to the sink! So if you’re between classes, or done work and going straight to an evening out with friends and want to freshen up without a full wash, Bioré® Make-up Removing Towelettes can clean your make-up off on the run. They even remove waterproof mascara with no leftover residue. With each use, skin will not only be clean, but healthy looking and refreshed.

More about the Towelettes:

• Dermatologist Tested
• Hypo-Allergenic
• Ophthalmologist Tested
• Non-Comedogenic (won’t clog pores)
• Alcohol-Free
• Made from 100% renewable resources

Check them out at Bioré® or like them on Facebook here


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