Be a good Dean...

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Or Neal. I’m not sure how they’re representing it in the film so…both for now?

Remember when Garrett Hedlund topped my Five List? Then I saw TRON: Legacy. And even Jacek, who doesn’t notice much, remarked that he had a serious thigh in pants problem in that leather suit which, really, marked the beginning of the end. And no, I still haven’t watched Country Strong because I cannot bring myself to sit through the “dead bird as a metaphor for Gwyneth’s soul” section. It’s too much. Please no more fontrum.

Anyway, here’s Garrett last night at The Tree of Life premiere in LA and while, like an old boyfriend who wasn’t one of the vile ones, I do have a lot of affection for him still, and from the waist up, he is totally, totally hot, only there’s that issue that persists, you now, with the pants, and I mean it’s not the worst I’ve ever seen but it doesn’t help is all I’m saying. It doesn’t help at all.

Could be redeemed of course if he’s a good Dean. A great Neal. The film adaptation of On The Road still has no official release date but it could be making the festival rounds in Venice and Toronto. By all accounts, Garrett threw himself into the work. They apparently just wrapped some second unit shooting in April. Here’s a shot from the film, in the Mexican whorehouse which is actually pretty encouraging. That’s not unlike how I pictured it, if I remember correctly. Been a while since I’ve read it. My friend Lorella has much better book memory – Lo, thoughts?

And your thoughts on whether or not this might lead to a whole new generation discovering the Beats? It’s perhaps a little ambitious, but that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Click here to read about the film’s progress from a source that isn’t a fan forum for either Hedlund or Kristen Stewart.

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