George is not the best dressed

January 17, 2014 18:56:49 Posted at January 17, 2014 18:56:49
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Kevin Winter/ Getty

Portrait session for The Monuments Men yesterday. George Clooney put a political message on under a leather jacket. But he’s been overshadowed. By Cate Blanchett? No. Not even Cate Blanchett.

Bill Murray.

Please enjoy his pink pants.

It’s award season and George Clooney’s in a film – Gravity – that is in contention for Best Picture. But he’s not playing. Because his priority is his movie, originally scheduled for a December release and then moved back to February because it wasn’t ready yet.

So he’s promoting during award season. But George doesn’t show up at award shows, the Oscars, unless he’s nominated or is a returning winner. He’ll be visible enough I suppose on photo calls and carpets. Imagine Cate’s schedule though? She has to do both award season and the film promotion.

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