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Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 11, 2009 08:17:46 September 11, 2009 08:17:46

Everyone here in Toronto is on high Clooney alert. Even though he hasn’t travelled more than 3 blocks from his hotel since arriving, he cannot go anywhere on foot. Must be in a car from stop to stop, even if it’s only 100 yards, not because he’s high maintenance but because it’s a security issue. Like last night at dinner.

Word got out where he was eating, pretty soon 100 people were gathered outside, and they had to bring him out through a different exit.

As for what he’s been like while in town – have spoken with several people who’ve had the pleasure of speaking with G, talking to G…the man is a star. He’s the “nicest guy ever”. He’s friendly, he’s funny, he is approachable, you are actually allowed to look at him, he won’t complain, he won’t outlaw conversation, he’s extremely generous (a very good tipper), and he’s kind too…

Those of you waiting for him later on on his carpet for The Men Who Stare At Goats will not be disappointed. G will likely show up early for fans, to sign autographs and take pictures, to make sure he spends enough time with the public before heading towards the press and then inside the theatre.

This is the TIFF game plan. There’s no reason to believe it won’t be the same tonight. Because the man is a professional. Here is where George Clooney can’t be criticised. When it comes to doing his job, he always holds up his end.

As for his new ambitious little ballbuster..

Am told that George spent some time in the Swarovski gifting suite in the afternoon yesterday… perhaps picking up a present for Elisabetta Canalis? It’s her birthday tomorrow. And he’ll still be here.

Hopefully she’ll fly in to join him. Hopefully she’s already here. After all, she says she wants to be a movie star. And there’s no doubt she’s riding George hard on that angle.

Thanks to all you Italian gossips who’ve been sending me background links on G’s latest piece. It’s not like he’s deviated though, right? I mean since Celine Balitran, they’ve all been brunette, varying degrees of dirty, and definitely willing to exchange. George doesn’t date, um, wholesome girls.

You are right though…

Elisabetta just might be his most formidable match.

She doesn’t seem like the type who’d be satisfied with a luxury apartment and a retirement fund as a send-off gift.

Have you seen her skin shots? F-cking amazing. This girl will give us our smut. Trust.

Click here (nudity - NSFW).

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