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You only get a Hollywood Film Award if you agree to show up. And every year, the Hollywood Film Awards showcases some of the most heavily favoured award season candidates. So, as noted by Deadline, it’s amazing it’s not yet televised. It’s actually a really fun event. Maybe because it’s not yet televised.

George Clooney received the Hollywood Actor Award last night for his performance in The Descendants. At this point, he would have to do some serious Mel Gibson level f-cking up to not get nominated for an Oscar. The man has too many friends in the business and consistently delivers such strong work, there is no way they won’t call his name among the five...which is why it’s so baffling his compulsive need to not be alone at these events.

Look at him up on that stage, the President of Hollywood. And his simple, charming speech, I can almost hear him delivering it:

“I was lucky to land on a hospital show on Thursday nights at 10 on NBC that changed my career. I was lucky to work with these people. I was lucky to get this part. I was lucky to work with Alexander Payne. And I am lucky to be here with all of you.”

George Clooney is GREAT at this, see? All by himself. And yet... he doesn’t want to be by himself. This season he’s decided he won’t be by himself with Stacy Keibler who, quite obviously, is now expected at every stop on the campaign circuit until they get to the Kodak Theatre in February. Stacy, who was able to show some restraint early on in their arrangement, can’t seem to contain herself anymore on Twitter, tweeting last night she was wearing purple at the Hollywood Film Awards to support her Baltimore Ravens and gushing about meeting Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson. Would you be invited if not for your boyfriend? it charming? Or is it a little boasty?

Careful there, Keibler.  Clooney girls don’t usually get to have an opinion. Is it different because her opinions are so wholesome and fun? Is that how they’re tweaking their strategy with her? Let the girl talk George. This is how we’re putting you on the social networking. You do it through the girl. So if he does indeed go on to dominate this award season, does that mean their plan has been validated? I guess that’s what the “looking into each other’s eyes” move is for. They seem to be doing a lot of that lately. How’s that working for you?

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