George’s final push for votes

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 17, 2012 17:38:52 February 17, 2012 17:38:52
Oscar voting ends on Tuesday, February 21st. This, then, is the last weekend for academy voters to (pretend to) watch the films and fill out their ballots. Maybe on Sunday as they’re enjoying a cup of coffee while reading The Hollywood Reporter. Many academy voters are also THR subscribers and the new issue of the magazine features a very candid George Clooney attempting to take back the Best Actor trophy from Jean Dujardin.

I have to admit that even though it’s so obvious exactly what he’s doing, I found him to be honest and heartfelt, except mayyyyybe for the part where he actually intimates that he might not be against marriage after all. Oh George, really? Some would say that these are desperate moves, that George, threatened by Jean Dujardin’s impressive surge is throwing everything and the kitchen sink (is that the expression?) at the academy.

At the same time though isn’t it kind of awesome that the mighty George Clooney has to work so hard? When you think that at Hollywood high school George is normally the starting quarterback who gets everything without much effort, somehow the Oscar race this year has actually democratised the playground. A little. And George, he’s not standing around sulking about it, instead it’s just making him work harder. There’s something about this I don’t hate. But that doesn’t mean I’m down with him letting cameras inside his house.

Click here to read the full Clooney piece.

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