Girl Sh-t Is the Best Sh-t OITNB edition: Miley vs Selena

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We’re on to week three of our OITNB Girl Sh-t feature celebrating the release of Season 2 of Netflix’s Original Series Orange is the New Black. And to kick things off, we also launched our OITNB “Escape to Alcatraz” contest. Did you enter? San Francisco with a friend. And cash!

In Week 1 we revisited Beyonce’s Destiny’s Child BIC attitude. Week 2 was about Martha Stewart side-eyeing the lifestylings of Gwyneth Paltrow. This week it’s Miley Cyrus.

Timely. Because Miley gives Girl Sh-t real good all over the place.

She gave it to Katy Perry when Katy shamed that tongue. Remember?

Right now though, Miley’s target is apparently Selena Gomez. It wasn’t always like this. The photo you see attached was taken in 2008 at the Teen Choice Awards when both of them belonged to the Mouse. Since then, Selena’s gone on (and off) to Justin Bieber and Miley, well, Miley’s riding foam fingers and a lot of identity destruction.

A couple of weeks ago, while onstage in Milan, Miley grabbed a cardboard cutout of Selena and told it to f-ck off. This weekend at the MuchMusic Video Awards, after Selena was named Favourite International Artist, Miley dropped this tweet

You don’t need the exact translation. The point is she doesn’t think Selena deserves it, and she thinks she’s much better.

What’s with the Girl Sh-t? Is Miley meangirling Selena?

Well, you could say she was meangirled first. A lot of people were trying to start sh-t after Miley’s now infamous VMAs performance, saying that Taylor Swift and Selena were ridiculing her. Even though live footage shows the two seemed to be supportive, there followed many reports after that that Swift wanted to distance her clean reputation from Miley’s increasingly controversial one. Interestingly enough though, it was Swift’s best friend who ended up in rehab, and not Miley. That doesn’t totally explain Miley’s animosity towards Selena but it’s good enough for a foundation. And the fact that she keeps targeting Selena would appear to be confirmation that those rumours were rooted in…something.

Makes sense. 1992 for both of them. Monkey and Monkey. The Monkey-Monkey combination is highly volatile. Monkeys are control freaks and they don’t like to compromise. Sounds about right.

Now. Time’s running out on entering the OITNB “Escape to Alcatraz” contest.  Have you entered?  A flight (for two) to San Francisco this summer. Two nights’ accommodation at a slick downtown hotel. Tickets to a tour of Alcatraz. And $500 spending cash. You in? 

If you’d like a chance to enter to win, click here to jump to the contest page.  Once there, fill in your name, email address, and province. Then, take to Twitter and tweet what you would choose as your prison tattoo (or better yet, a picture of the one you have!) using the hashtag #OITNBPrisonTattoo. Example:  @Netflix_CA My Orange is the New Black prison tattoo would be a Squawking Chicken, of course #OITNBPrisonTattoo. Then paste the resulting URL from your twitter feed into the form below the province field and submit your entry! 

Chances of winning will depend on number of entries submitted during the contest period, which runs until midnight Pacific Time on June 30th, 2014.  Full contest rules and eligibility are here.  

Good luck, watch Orange is the New Black, and come back for the next Girl Sh-t installment next week (and submit your nomination for a Girl Sh-t look-back)!

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