Girl Sh-t Is the Best Sh-t OITNB edition: Anna Wintour’s Stress Relief

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We’ve come to the last week of our OITNB Girl Sh-t feature.  If you haven’t been following along, we kicked off the release of Season 2 of Netflix’s Original Series Orange is the New Black by profiling some of the top “Girl Sh-t” moments of recent memory, alongside our OITNB “Escape to Alcatraz” contest. San Francisco with a friend. And cash! Say yes!

In Week 1 we revisited Beyonce’s Destiny’s Child BIC attitude. Week 2 was Martha Stewart’s dismissal of  the life and style of Gwyneth Paltrow.  Week 3 was Miley and Selena hating each other back and forth. This week it’s an ongoing mind game to wrap it all up. 

Victoria Beckham must be Anna Wintour’s stress relief. Even if the publisher’s on her ass about subscription rates, or if advertisers are coming up short on the holiday issue, or if she’s feeling insecure about being replaced, whatever’s bothering Anna Wintour, she always has Victoria Beckham. Wintour brings her closer. Wintour lets her believe. And still…Wintour withholds. At times it’s seemed like Posh might have a chance, you know, to achieve the ultimate goal: cover American Vogue. There’s Anna sitting front row at her spring collection. There’s Anna featuring one of her dresses in the magazine. There’s Anna standing next to her at a charity event, smiling broadly, luring her into false confidence… only to choose Kanye West and his fiancé and not the girl who has so desperately wanted it for so long.

You might say that after that, after Wintour degraded her brand, that Posh would be better off not realising dream. But she would never believe it anyway. In spite of herself, she keeps wanting it. And Anna knows. This is her power. Will it ever, ever, ever happen? Probably. Like when Posh is 50 or older.

Finally, we’re in our last week of the OITNB “Escape to Alcatraz” contest.  A flight (for two) to San Francisco this summer. Two nights’ accommodation at a slick downtown hotel. Tickets to a tour of Alcatraz. And $500 spending cash. Have you entered?  

If you’d like a chance to enter to win, click here to jump to the contest page.  Once there, fill in your name, email address, and province. Then, take to Twitter and tweet what you would choose as your prison tattoo (or better yet, a picture of the one you have!) using the hashtag #OITNBPrisonTattoo. Example:  @Netflix_CA My Orange is the New Black prison tattoo would be a Squawking Chicken, of course #OITNBPrisonTattoo. Then paste the resulting URL from your twitter feed into the form below the province field and submit your entry! 

Chances of winning will depend on number of entries submitted during the contest period, which runs until midnight Pacific Time on June 30th, 2014.  Full contest rules and eligibility are here.  

Thanks for reading and good luck if you entered!

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