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Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 17, 2008 06:52:26 December 17, 2008 06:52:26

Guy Ritchie did not take kindly to Madonna’s publicist Liz Rosenberg announcing financial details about their divorce the other day to the AP. Over the last couple of months, he’s worked with the British press to present a picture of a man frustrated by a control freak, who cares only for his children, who was never interested in the money, who was cuckolded by his wife’s flagrant relationship with a baseball player…

And then Liz Rosenberg reveals he stands to earn almost $100 million from the split.

Needless to say, Guy needed to strike back. A new joint statement has been released but from HIS publicist this time:

"We have tried to maintain a dignified silence regarding the details of our divorce for the last few months whilst accepting the obvious media interest. A misleading and inaccurate statement, specifically in relation to the sums of money involved, was wrongly issued to AP this week. The financial details of the settlement will remain private, save to say that both of us are happy with our agreement. Our primary concern, like any co-parents, is the care and well being of our children."

So…who do you believe? Do you believe Guy because his publicist wouldn’t lie but Madonna’s would?


Like he’s walking away empty-handed. Like Liz Rosenberg would ever make a rookie mistake like that. Madonna wanted it out there. Madonna wanted the world to know how much money she was forking over. So she went renegade on Guy’s ass, tired of being painted as the horrible hag blamed for everything. And she knew he wouldn’t be happy about it. And she knew she’d have to agree to a weak “correction” afterwards, and she knew she’d have to hang Liz Rosenberg out to dry, and Liz being Liz, having worked for Madonna for so many years, she’s used to it, and the end goal had been accomplished anyway.

So now we know.

Despite his public relations rep’s insistence to the contrary, now we know. Guy Ritchie is getting between $76 - $93 million. And Madonna just played him back.


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