My G is the Most Beautiful!

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 24, 2013 13:26:24 April 24, 2013 13:26:24

PEOPLE Magazine has named Gwyneth Paltrow the World’s Most Beautiful Woman for 2013. Did I just ruin your day? But WHYYYYYYY? Pretty soon, after all this Iron Man 3 promotion is over, G won’t be as visible. And you will miss her. I will miss her. G is Good For Gossip, no matter what you think of her.

Last year it was G’s best friend Beyonce who owned the title. This year, with her new cookbook a bestseller, and Iron Man 3 about to take over the box office, G seems an obvious choice. And the controversy only works in the magazine’s favour. Because Gwyneth is nothing if not polarising. Expect this to dominate online coverage today. There will be praise. There will be even more snark. There will be anger. You’re probably angry right now.

And G?

G will be smiling blithely down on us as she walks the red carpet tonight at the Hollywood premiere of Iron Man 3. Hopefully she will say something patronising about Reese Witherspoon because Gwyneth Paltrow would never DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? out loud. Why would she ever need to?

Click here to see more of G in PEOPLE on the cover as the World’s Most Beautiful woman. And... did I mention there’s a video from the photo shoot? Wait! Promise me you’ll come back! Because... well... I know you’ve clicked away already.

They chose a good photo here. That’s a warm smile, she looks fresh and natural and only a little superior.

Click here to see some of the other woman chosen on the Most Beautiful list including Kerry Washington, Jennifer Lawrence, Kelly Rowland, and Jane Fonda.

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