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Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 15, 2016 16:07:47 July 15, 2016 16:07:47

Gwyneth Paltrow was in Toronto yesterday at Holt Renfrew promoting her beauty line. Sasha was there and talked to her for etalk and afterwards her first email to me was, “omg omg omg I have to tell you everything”. When I wrote back to her with all caps and exclamation points, her answers were no more than 3 words each time, like a withholding dick, until she finally told me that before leaving, Gwyneth said to her, “I will love you forever”.


Anyway, Sasha and I are podcasting tonight. So I’m going to lock her in my house and not let her leave until she tells the whole story which will be available on the Sasha Answers podcast next Tuesday. Sorry I can’t give you more information about it right now. But Sasha’s turned into a gossip hoarder.

For now, here’s G in pink at the event yesterday. Also, have you had a chance yet to check out her sale? G asked a few of her celebrity friends to donate items from their closets for charity. She also gave away a few great pieces, like a gorgeous Valentino coat, and this Prada dress:

Please note the description of it:

“I wore this Prada dress soon after giving birth when I was still 2/3 sizes larger than my normal size, it was incredibly flattering.”

I love how she had to specify that she was “larger” than her “normal” at the time she wore it and that somehow that might be a challenge to find something that was “flattering”. This, by the way, is what she looked like at the time, hardly a difficult body-type to style:

Anyway, the best items, by far, in my opinion, are Anne Hathaway’s. Like f-ck me I wish I had gotten to this dress in time but it’s sold out already:

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Jon Kopaloff/ George Pimentel/ Getty Images

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