No husband, no work-husband either

April 17, 2014 14:47:11 by Lainey

It’s another conscious uncoupling. Page Six reports that Gwyneth Paltrow and Seb Bishop, GOOP CEO, have broken up. G will be moving GOOP operations to Los Angeles because she’s getting the f-ck out of London now that she and Chris Martin are done. Word is, Bishop had originally intended to relocate as well, but then suddenly changed his mind. According to a Page Six source, he may not have been comfortable with G’s personal and professional blurring:

“There is speculation that he and Paltrow disagreed on the direction of GOOP, partly that she used the Web site as a vehicle for her personal life, and the ‘conscious uncoupling’ announcement.”

G’s publicist Stephen Huvane claims that that’s a half truth:

“It’s not completely true. Seb is still with GOOP, but has decided not to relocate his family to Los Angeles. He will be transitioning out over time until a replacement is named.”

Either way, having just quit her husband, she’s also quitting her work-husband. And someone who’s known to be an important business asset.

My smutty senses are mega-tingling about this. Bishop was supposed to move to LA…and then suddenly didn’t want to move? He’s married with children. Not that that has anything to do with anything. But, you know, with everything else that the Paltrow-Martins were open about, I wouldn’t blame you for wondering.

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