GOOPy New Year & SNL?

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Gwyneth Paltrow spent New Year’s in Vegas at the opening of the Cosmopolitan where Chris Martin’s Coldplay was hired to perform along with Jay-Z and Kanye West. It was a big name event. So many big names. Almost everyone was photographed there this weekend. But for G. She managed to keep out of range of cameras, did not walk the carpet, and stayed close to Beyonce.

This morning however Gwyneth had an appointment with Good Morning America to promote Country Strong, opening wide on Friday. Here she is arriving at the studio, fresh faced and perky, doing her best to support a film that has received weak reviews. This does not bode well for my Garrett Hedlund quiver. As already noted here last week, after seeing his bad acting in TRON and his thigh thickness too, I’m relying on Country Strong to redeem him. Am losing confidence fast.

As for Gwyneth, she wooed the MiniVan in bright pink during her interview and refers to herself as a “gangly tall person” when describing her approach to becoming a singer for the part inspired by Faith Hill. Then of course she namechecked Beysus too as someone who helped her preparation.

There’s a mention here too about Cee-Lo, and Saturday Night Live. Cee-Lo and G will supposedly record together, and he’s the musical guest for her upcoming return to SNL the weekend after next. She says she’s headed back to London today to get her kids ready for school, and then turning right around back to New York to work on the show. As you know from my repeating it, she’s a Studio 8H favourite and Lorne Michaels loves her. Interesting because that’s Golden Globe weekend when everyone else will be in LA. You can needle her about that if you hate her.

Hearing her talk though, and even though she hasn’t had much career success, it doesn’t seem like the career is slowing down. G says 2011 will be busy. There’s another appearance on Glee, and she’s reportedly set to play Marlene Dietrich for HBO and the BBC in a two part tv movie. She’s expected to sing in that one too. (Source) Does this bring you joy?

Photos from and INF and Kevin Mazur/Wireimage

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