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Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 29, 2010 07:03:06 June 29, 2010 07:03:06

Holy motherf-cking amazingness of amazing, I’m floating on a permanent Wingardium Leviosa spell this morning because it’s already been 8 times that I’ve watched this trailer, with goosebumps throughout, and tears at parts, even at the sight of these words:



Because he “has something worth living for”.

Did you cry? Are you crying? How can you not be crying?

Our kids! The acting! The suspense, the drama, the spectacle, the ultimate battle! And that lone shot of our Snape...

Many people have been asking me why I’m Slytherin and why I bought a Slytherin scarf. It’s for Snape.


Always slamdunk excellence. Always first class quality. You may not like the interpretation of a certain scene, some things may not be as you imagined, but you will never, ever say they don’t honour the standard that JK Rowling has set. You will never say they half ass it out. They don’t half ass their trailers, they don’t half ass on the editing, on the sound, on the graphics, on the entire experience, even for a 2 and a half minute preview.

Is it November? Why can’t it be November? I’ll be older in November. And it’ll be worth it for Part 1.


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