No More Greats

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 16, 2008 07:52:45 July 16, 2008 07:52:45

Once upon a time in Hollywood, most stars had a specialty. They focused on that specialty. They were great at their specialty. Like Tom Hanks isn’t recording a rap song and launching his own line of lawnmowers, you know what I mean?

Nowadays in showbiz, quality control is the sh*ts. Anyone can become a celebrity. Literally. Anyone. And few of them are really good at anything anymore. So they end up trying everything. Which is why the end up sucking at everything.

It is the generation of the actor/singer/dancer/designer. Latest candidate for excelling at mediocrity?

Hayden Panettiere.

Didn’t you know? Hayden is releasing an album. Seacrest played her first single yesterday on the radio… the link is below. For those of you who don’t have time to listen – let me summarise for you: it sucks.

Here’s Hayden last night at the ESPYs Giant event – she looks good…but for that maxi dress. I’m telling you – wee girls can’t do maxi dresses. And this girl lives under my shoe.

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