Standing next to Helen Mirren

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Jessica Chastain in 30. Helen Mirren is well over 30. She’s 66. How many times does a 30 year old have to worry about looking not as good standing next to a 66 year old? That’s Helen Mirren. Here they are at the New York screening of The Debt last night in New York. Jessica plays a young Helen in the film which has been held for release for what seems like years. See what I mean about Jessica Chastain? She never looks the same. Has one of those faces that changes from movie to movie, even from scene to scene in a movie. I have a hard time recognising her sometimes. And she’s, like, in everything this year: Tree of Life, The Help, Coriolanus, another film with Al Pacino, The Wettest County in the World, she’s completed another Malick project, it doesn’t stop for Jessica Chastain. And maybe that’s why. Because she can be anything with that face...

Anything but Fabulous. Helen Mirren could be Fabulous. But I won’t call her Fabulous. Because I hate the word Fabulous. It’s been overplayed. So overplayed. By Sex & the City and fashion experts trickling down to the MiniVan Majority so that now even a f-cking sandwich gets declared to be Fabulous...

WHY would I want to put Helen Mirren on the level with a sandwich?

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