They all can’t be Helen Mirren

May 11, 2010 14:03:08 Posted at May 11, 2010 14:03:08
Lainey Posted by Lainey

These wax figures are usually really f-cked up and creepy. Helen Mirren unveiled hers today at Madame Tussaud’s in London and it’s one of the few that doesn’t look sick. She’s also one of the few who looks younger than her likeness. That’s Helen Mirren. When Helen Mirren isn’t talking stupidness out of her ass.

Helen is 65 years old. And I would choose her face, all day every day, over Heidi Montag’s who is still just 23...?! It’s terrifying.

At 65, Helen is also still working as much as, if not more than, many of her much younger counterparts. She’s next signed on to a remake of Arthur with Russell Brand in the title role about a punk rich cad who is promised a huge inheritance but only if he marries a proper lady. There was a gender switch in the updated screenplay – John Gielgud was hilarious as the butler in the original and that role is now Helen Mirren, Russell’s nanny.

Please. I need to see this movie tomorrow.

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