Hot Harry on a Horse & his horse weekend

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 7, 2011 13:14:16 June 7, 2011 13:14:16

Not much needs to be said about this...

Hot Harry on a Horse was in great spirits this weekend and why not? It was all about horses! And that’s great for us too. That’s also why that’s his nickname and has been for however long I’ve been writing this blog.

Harry was at Epsom Derby with his gran, cheering on her horse, generally having the best time, better than anyone else, the proverbial little brother without a care in the world. Look at him. He’s punk. He’s a mess. He is endlessly entertaining.

The next day he played polo. I feel like Harry would sleep in his riding boots if he was allowed to. Never mind, he probably sleeps in them a lot, crashing out, end of the night, can’t be bothered to take them off. Or... do they have servants to do that for them?

Photos from and and Tilak Desai/ and Matthew Lloyd/

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