Hugh says no to back-to-back

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 30, 2009 11:19:56 October 30, 2009 11:19:56

Oscar hosting. He apparently declined the invitation for a second round. According to Variety Hugh Jackman wants to do it again eventually, just not this year.

With the HFPA announcing Ricky Gervais as their choice to host the Golden Globes, the first in 15 years, the Academy is now pressing to find a suitable frontperson who can build upon Jackman’s momentum and help avoid a ratings decline.

Already everyone is jumping on the Neil Patrick Harris train. I love the NPH. But he’s hosted the Tony Awards and the Emmy Awards…

All this in one year is overkill. Let him restock his juices. His time is later. And NPH deserves to be more than an understudy.

E! Online suggested Stephen Colbert. YES. Colbert could run with the understudy joke. Campaign for it on the show. For Colbert it’s an entirely different category anyway. But they would probably never. The MiniVan couldn’t handle it.

Thoughts on an Oscar host? Please do share. E! by they also put forward Robert Pattinson. The f-ck?

Stop with the Robert Pattinson for everything. Pattinson namedropping for traffic because Twi-Hards will follow their google alerts…

Next thing you know the Yankees will be issuing a press release announcing they’ve called up Robert Pattinson to pitch game 7 in place of CC Sabathia if he goes down with the flu. Sh-t, maybe I should start doing it in EVERY article.

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