Porny’s having a baby?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 27, 2011 21:27:22 September 27, 2011 21:27:22

I have no idea. But In Touch Eye-Roll Weekly is claiming to have the exclusive. They’ve supposedly “confirmed” that Jessica Simpson is pregnant with that freeloader’s baby. Porny’s “kooky” cravings include “nacho chips dipped in chocolate and cheese-flavored popcorn and non-alcoholic margaritas”. How are those cravings when it’s part of her diet, baby or not?

As for the legitimacy of the story, every other publication is now scrambling for corroboration or denial. Meanwhile, many of the photo agencies are sending out file photos of the couple for quick access on their databases...which is where I found this beautiful thing attached.


Don’t question. Don’t talk. Porny gives us so much gold, the least you could do is appreciate her properly.


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