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If you haven’t seen it, WHY NOT? If you’ve seen Eclipse more than once and you haven’t seen Inception, WE ARE FIGHTING.

Please note there will be spoilers below.

I love a good mindf-ck. Inception is a great mindf-ck. Which is why already there are message boards and websites, conspiracy theories and complaints – time travel withdrawal has been replaced by dream travel addiction. I wasn’t kidding when I wrote earlier that I want Lost and Inception to have a baby. How many more f-cking loser Bachelors will they torture us with before we refuse any more sh-t?

And it’s not like Inception is a perfect movie either. It’s not perfect. It stumbles in places, it gets too up its own ass in others, and I would have appreciated less musical obviousness – you don’t need an orchestra bombing itself inside your head to forecast an INTENSE MOMENT COMING UP.

These however are minor, minor itches in two and a half hours of amazingness that have now captured the Zeitgeist. I keep wondering if there’s something to Dom Cobb’s name, some combination of letters that offers a clue to something...or nothing. Like the numbers. Does the top stop? It may have looked like it was wobbling but does it actually ever stop?

After 2 viewings, I don’t think it stops. I think Dom and Saito don’t make it. I am only 60% sure of this. And becoming less so every 5 minutes. Because I’ve spent all weekend reading up on everyone else’s discussion. Like was it all a massive Inception on Leo? Lorella just sent me this link which posits that Leo’s release from Mal was the ultimate objective...which *seems* to make sense right now, for the next hour, until I fixate on something else, like as Sarah from Cinesnark just pointed out to me, as pointed out to her by another friend, that everyone was looking at Cobb at the airport. And more sh-t that will probably become obvious the third time I watch, and the fourth, and so on.

This is probably what you’ve been doing too, right? Dissecting Inception, discussing Inception, obsessed with Inception, Inception will be top focus tomorrow during our Weekly Live Blog at 3pm ET/noon PT. We can further debate the possibilities then and of course collectively worship Christopher Nolan’s vision. Original content still exists in Hollywood. Barely. He’s responsible for 95% of it.

As for the performances – all strong, all well cast, all with a satisfying amount of screen time. Here are a few quick notes:

-I love creepy, f-cked up Marion Cotillard. Waiting for her to show up out of nowhere is my new favourite scare; she’s now the clown under the bed
-Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s physicality in this movie has officially made me forget about how much he turned me off on Saturday Night Live. Oh but wait... maybe he shouldn’t make movies called Premium Rush
-OK, I get it now about Tom Hardy
-Am so happy Ellen Page is in this movie. Am so happy she wanted to be a part of it, to have any part in it. I was worried she’d be miscast and tweaky. She is so not miscast. And you know I love Kristen Stewart but those comparisons between Kristen Stewart and Ellen Page have to stop here. Ellen Page right now is FAR beyond Kristen Stewart.
-Just me or did old Ken Watanabe look like old Anakin Skywalker when Luke took off his mask?

And finally about Leonardo DiCaprio – is there any other actor who is making better decisions than Leonardo DiCaprio? It’s too easy to say that Leonardo DiCaprio simply gets the best scripts and therefore can’t make a bad decision. Sometimes it’s about the ones you turn down. Leo turned down Anakin Skywalker, Spiderman, and Robin. All good decisions. As is his decision about his looks. Leo is actively not fighting it. You can see it from Inception, this is no longer a pretty boy. And he’s not really all that attractive of a grown man either. Which of course makes him much more interesting and so much more versatile. Like his actor mentors. Yeah Jack Nicholson.

This is Leo arriving in Tokyo to promote Inception. And JGL in New York today shooting a new movie called Premium Rush. That’s a terrible title.

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