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Dear Gossips,

After Tom Brokaw’s remarks about the White House Correspondents’ Dinner last year and specifically the presence of Lindsay Lohan being the reason why he decided not to go, don’t you wonder about the people who turn down the invitation? Like, how many times has the Brange been asked to go... and said no? When the big names do make an appearance, have you noticed which ones choose to go for the full photo opportunity pimp and which ones skip the carpet and head straight inside? Hierarchy is in play in those situations too. More on this later.

It was a really, really busy weekend so we’re getting an early start. Many of the photos from the White House Correspondents’ Dinner have been posted directly to LifeStyle. Check there to see the fashion.

Aren’t you supposed to ask if someone’s had a bath, um, BEFORE it all goes down, no pun intended? And still that didn’t stop me from perving on that scene in Game Of Thrones last night 8 times. My excuse is technical difficulties. There’s no HBO at the hotel so I was watching on my Slingbox (best invention ever) and since the connection was choppy for a few minutes, I had to rewind a few times, OK? But God it was a phallic episode, non? Duana’s recap is coming later today and I’ve not read it yet at this writing but I suspect she was into Gidget’s delight as much as I was. My worry? They were too happy. You know what happens when people are too happy in Game Of Thrones? Sh-t. Is Gidget going to die? (Don’t tell me, know-it-alls!) Because pleasure like that on this show always seems to result in punishment...of death. Unless she wants to sacrifice a hand or a foot or something. 

Heading to London, Ontario today for the final stop of the Faculty of Celebrities Studies tour of 2013. At the University Of Western Ontario -- my alma mater! Look forward to seeing you there. #rumorestimmortalis.

Yours in gossip,


PS. you know what’s happening this week? RDJ is on The Daily Show tomorrow. RDJ + Jon Stewart. It’s already my favourite, favourite 7 minutes of the week.

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