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Dear Gossips,

A Kardashian was married this weekend. And my favourite part about the wedding was how it would have affected Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton. Because they used to be best friends. And now Ebola is the afterthought while the other is reportedly earning $1.5 million from PEOPLE for the exclusive image rights to the event, all while enjoying it practically free of charge. Ebola’s irrelevance continues. And Lindsay Lohan is right behind it.

Conan, Fright Night, One Day - all losers at the box office this weekend as The Help took over the top spot which, I mean it’s great for Viola Davis, Emma Stone, and Octavia Spencer but... is it? The irony about The Help is that it claims to address some hard truths. I don’t actually think it ever confronts those truths. I do however think it provides a very, easy, very artificial absolution.

As for One Day... I didn’t go. It was my last chance to get in back to back rounds of golf before heading to Toronto and, well, I love hot summer golf especially when I happen to be striking the ball really well right now. Jezebel however totally shat on One Day as “the most toxic romance of the year”. Click here to read the article. I don’t doubt that that’s how the film was presented. Every preview leading up to its release suggested the same, as largely documented on this blog. Was One Day rejected based on its toxicity? Or, um, was it simply rejected based on the lack of appeal of its leads on top of a lack of appeal overall? That, to me, would be a truer test. That women are indeed now turning their backs on dumb romantic movies. I’m not sure I believe this. On an unrelated, but sort of related tip, a friend sent over an email the other day - a new trend for expectant parents I’d not heard of: the Gender Reveal Party. Google it. You’ll see. Or click here to read The Awl’s analysis. Gross, right? But I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t go to one if invited for the kicks. I mean, aside from the mother and father, and maybe their parents, who else is grabbing their tits from the anxiety of anticipation? Do you fake it? Or do you look to camera The Office styles so that later on, when the happy couple is narcissistically watching back the video of their own baby’s Gender Reveal Party, they might come across your expression and realise ....they’ve just thrown at Gender Reveal Party?

Yours in gossip,


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