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Dear Gossips,

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A new poster for the new Spider-Man movie was released yesterday. Visually it’s terrific. Awesome. I love it. And then there’s the tagline:

The Untold Story

I messaged Sarah last night like, “What’s the untold story? I don’t get it. Not being facetious. I seriously need you to explain it to me”, thinking that maybe it was some kind of comic-book code, a language I’m not down with.

Turns out is there’s really nothing Untold about it. Since its origin is ON PAPER, in a comic book, it can’t actually be UNTOLD. Why is this bothering me so much? Because it’s lazy. It could be the greatest job in the world, you know? Marketing for movies? And instead, more often than not, they are LAZY. Just because Spidey has a new girlfriend doesn’t mean it’s Untold, God!

Jacek says I get too worked up over small details. But why aren’t small details important anymore? The other day I was talking to a colleague who works in television. He said that they have a lot of interns who come for a job and during the interview can’t name the host of the show they’re trying to get a job on.

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