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Dear Gossips,

Evgeni Plushenko has retired. And that sucks. Because the competition lacked a lot of hips yesterday. We all lose when there aren’t enough hips. But you know what I did love about the whole situation? It’s that his retirement basically dominated the event. He didn’t skate and the conversation was still about him. His retirement announcement afterwards only made it more so. Like, he couldn’t wait until the Games were over before confirming it so as to not take (even more of) the spotlight away from the field?

Of course not.

In blasting out his retirement yesterday, Plushy not only pulled a Mimi (ME ME ME ME), he also made everyone else feel like no matter what happens, even if they win, there will always be something missing – because they didn’t win over HIM.

Now that Evgeni’s Olympic days are over, it’s time for the other star in the family to rise. That would be his wife, Yana Rudkovskaya, obviously. Can we call her the Russian Victoria Beckham? The similarities are there, I assure you. They’re just amplified by an Eastern European flair. Click here – please, please click here – for a brief introduction to the wonder that is Mrs Plushy. I promise you, if you haven’t already, YOUR LIFE WILL IMPROVE after you’ve met her.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,


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