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Dear Gossips,

Um, I love Hugh Jackman, SO much, all over again.

Went to see his one-man show at the Princess of Wales Theatre in Toronto. OH. MY. GOD.

One of the most amazing displays of Amazingness. And a LOT of jazz hands. It is corny, and campy, and he is charismatic and charming and lovely and so committed to every minute of his performance and this, this is why, right now, he has no peers...

Was he on Bill Simmons’s list of 24 All Star Movie Stars. Errrr .... no. Kevin James is but not Hugh Jackman. Hugh Jackman can go 100 minutes with an 18 piece band, from musical theatre to the standards, even throwing down a rhyme or two, then transform back into Wolverine, straddle a horse and hot kiss a leading lady.

There are few of them who are Present the way Hugh is Present. You can tell when someone believes in every part of his work and when you are fortunate to see an entertainer present that to you, he takes you along with him, even if it’s not totally your style. And it’s the little things too. Like the way he remembers people’s names, even just a random fan in the audience, over an hour into the show and midway through the lyrics of a song. I like that his sh-t isn’t so rehearsed that he can’t break through and ad lib from observation directly into the crowd. I like that it’s not a job for him, he’s having such a great time but he’s also still too polite and kind to tell you to f-ck yourself if you’re too dumb to enjoy it too.

If you are in Toronto, of if you can get to Toronto, you need to see him before he leaves. Toronto is the second city on his tour, after debuting it in San Francisco, and so far no other stops have been announced. Click here for more information.

Attached – Hugh outside the theatre on opening night, as always, being gracious and welcoming to fans.

Thank you for your responses yesterday to the Bill Simmons article. Thanks also for your recommendations on additional reading. Love hearing your thoughts. Please continue to send.

So today I’m supposed to do a shoot inside an Indy car while one of the racers goes to top speed. I couldn’t sleep last night thinking of this and all morning I’ve wanted to throw up. Just... if I sound a little off today.

Yours in gossip,


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