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June 21, 2012 14:08:52 Posted at June 21, 2012 14:08:52
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Dear Gossips,

“Inside Johnny Depp’s Single Life”...?

That’s the early morning headline on According to PEOPLE, and they were the first to declare that Depp and Paradis were done back in January, he’s been hanging out a lot with Marilyn Manson. Apparently Depp flies back to LA often from the set of The Lone Ranger and spends late nights at Manson’s, jamming or whatever. God Johnny, does it have to be so clichéd?

PEOPLE also mentions the rumours - that Johnny is either f-cking Eva Green, Amber Heard, or his publicist Robin Baum. Baum is actually named in their article which... this is what caught my attention. The writer does specify that none of these reports have been substantiated but to go out and even acknowledge that Baum may be caught up in this, even as they likely have to work with her on her other clients (some pretty A Listy names), is bold. PEOPLE is rarely so bold. And it’s certainly not their usual play to risk alienating a star as powerful as Johnny Depp. But everything about Johnny’s breakup is good for gossip.

Let’s be clear about what constitutes Good Gossip though. We will NOT, for instance, be discussing any stories that originate in the Globe for Christ’s sake. There is no upside in addressing every bullsh-t story coming from a tabloid that routinely publishes stories on the mating habits of alien heads. High Quality Smut is what we are all after, isn’t it?

Tricky travel today. It was the only flight option available from Vegas to Toronto and it’s right in the middle of the day. So I’ve prepared the column in advance to roll out while I’m in the air. I’m sorry that it’ll be a lighter day. Sarah’s around to address any emergency breaking stories and I’m back on a regular schedule and will make up for it tomorrow. I apologise in advance for the inconvenience.

Yours in gossip,


PS. Thanks to everyone who emailed yesterday about my bovine ignorance. My inbox was a lesson in cows. Angelina Jolie was surrounded by cows, not bulls.

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